DJ Rolling Rock is not your typical entertainment company. Why? 

Because we bring the energy and fun that makes your event a unique experience your guests will not only watch, but be a part of!


We play the music and videos that your guests crave. That song they heard in their car today or 30 years ago.. 

We have it.

          We play it.

            They ALL sing it!  



Wether your party is 5 people or 500, its going to be a blast! Your party and friends are important to you, so show them you care by hiring entertainment that's sure to have them talking about your event! 


Events start at less than $500, so skip the limo and bars, have your own VIP party!


What you get for the money!

- Hours of Music, Dancing and Lights

Unlimited media content and playlists

- A DJ host that knows how bring the fun

- Wireless mics & 2000 watts of sound

- Set up and tear down 



Want more? Other add-on services include:

- HD Music Video's of your event! 

 - Live Band Available

- Effects and Lighting

- Open mic instruments available 

      (Drums, Bass, Keyboard, PA, Mics, Amps)

- Event Tents, Tables and other party supplies by